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"It's not about how much weight you move, but how fast and well you move it."


Simple Speed Coach's elite speed and sport performance training programs AND our FREE online step-by-step, videos, exercises, drills, programs and workouts are designed to effectively improve and develop SPEED, AGILITY and STRENGTH while using best practices for INJURY PREVENTION. 

Athletes will develop MENTAL TOUGHNESS and CONFIDENCE in their abilities to reach their full potential that will translate beyond their sport, no matter their environment, available resources, skill level or background. Coaches and athletes will defy their expectations and bring out their very best athlete.


"Building better athletes. not just weight room all-stars."


Simple Speed Coach - Paul Aanonson

Athletes NEED TO...

Simple Speed Coach is taking the sports industry head on to challenge the mindset 'bigger and stronger is always better'. We're told early on in our sports careers to hit the weight room, bulk up, muscle wins. Don't get me wrong, strength is absolutely important and must be properly developed. But, I strongly believe in developing an athlete by focusing on improving speed, movement and mechanics and not just by building a weight room all-star. Anyone can look like an athlete, but it takes KNOWLEDGE, BODY AWARENESS, DISCIPLINE and HARD WORK to Bring Out Your Athlete.

I (Paul Aanonson) held records that defied the muscle mindset and I have many successful athletes, who don't resemble The Hulk, with results that speak for themselves. Change starts with developing well-rounded athletes and coaches who care about their developing athletes. Simple Speed Coach provides the free resources to start this culture shift. I want every athlete to have an equal opportunity to have access to develop their athleticism, with high quality training, regardless of their background and resources.

The most important question I ask my athletes before we start is 'Why are you here?". The answer determines their success.

If you're looking to get ripped and just look like an athlete, I'm not your guy. There's plenty of resources for that.

If you're looking to actually develop and become a better athlete by understanding movement, mechanics, agility, speed and power in order to correctly apply all that muscle, stick around.


EXPERIENCE Is The Best Coach

There are millions of self proclaimed sports performance coaches, experts and trainers. There are even more videos and programs promising to make you a better athlete. The problem, and one of my biggest frustrations, is many of these exercises and workouts are designed to make you look like an athlete but not become a better athlete.

Often, these self-proclaimed 'sports experts' have never experienced real success on the field, court or track. They frequently have little to no experience with true athletic performance, which means understanding and screening proper athletic movement (sprint, jump, cut land), teaching mechanics and actually improving athleticism. They are more concerned with visible power (pass the eye test) for short term results but ignore the application of developing long term, overall athleticism for an athlete's individual sport and abilities. 

With over 15 years of experience and success, on and off the field, we know what it takes to break down the barriers of bringing out your very best athlete. 


Everyone Can Bring Out Their Very BEST Athlete

Simple Speed Coach allows all athletes and coaches to train anywhere and experience professional sports performance coaching without the cost to own or have access to expensive equipment, fields or facilities. 


Personal training, sports performance programs, clinics or camps can be very expensive and the cost prevents many athletes or coaches from participating. This is exactly why Simple Speed Coach provides FREE, industry PROVEN and TRUSTED training videos for athletes, coaches and parents.


Athletes of all ages, all backgrounds and all abilities can experience real results and beat the competition with Simple Speed Coach. 


Athleticism Is About MOVEMENT - Not Just Strength

Simple Speed Coach breaks down the complex athletic movements, builds good habits and utilizes industry proven and effective practices, that not only result in a well-rounded athlete, but also reduce common and avoidable injuries. If you can't get the movement right, you'll do more harm than good by adding weight. (Shout Out to the Gray Cook and Functional Movement Systems Philosophy.)

Long-term athletic development is key, and I always go beyond the exercise to coach athletes to learn how to be controlled and explosive by understanding the mechanics and body movement. It's important for an athlete to know not only what they're doing but why. I never individually train an athlete without screening and meeting with them first to discuss and test their movement, abilities, limitations and goals. Athletes must develop the intelligence to understand complex movements to improve their athletics skills.


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